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Pathways - Career and Education Path

Upcoming "Financing College" webinar on Wednesday January 27th, 2021 5:45 pm. Read more on our Pathways page. If you missed our previous webinar, a recording is available. This is the second in a series of Financial Beginnings webinars for 9th and 10th-grade students. 

January Membership Meeting

PTSA Membership Meeting

Join us for our next PTSA membership meeting on Wednesday, January 27, 7pm. We will be emailing the link this weekend to all our current members. 

We will go through some procedural necessities like voting in our nomination committee, give an update on how PTSA has operated this year, and propose and vote on adjustments to our budget given what we’ve learned and observed.l

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Senior Events (in place of Grad Night)

Sign up link is here

What are Senior Events?

Due to the restrictions of meeting in large groups - like the Senior Class of 2021, which is 140+ students, our annual, one night, graduation event called "Grad Night" is cancelled. We realize our Seniors have missed out on many social opportunities and events in this culminating final year. So our Grad Night committee is working hard for Seniors, They are planning smaller, monthly gatherings/events. Some are virtual, some are drive-in or drive-thru and some are outdoors. The selection of events will depend upon the total funds available. 

All events will be in compliance with the COVID safety rules in place. 

How can I be informed of these events?

1. You can subscribe to our Newsletter. We send a weekly Newsletter with news and events. 

2. We ask the school to send an email to all Seniors, and to their parents (separate emails). 

How do we pay for it?

Each year the Senior Grad Night celebration is paid for by tickets sold to students to attend the event (separate from the general PTSA fund). This year, we are going to ask Senior parents to contribute a more modest sum to monthly Senior celebrations. Since this event is for Seniors only, we will not use the General PTSA fund. We will invite every Senior to the event equitably, even if their parents did not pay. 

What if I have ideas for events?

We know many parents and scholars have already attended plenty of virtual and other socially distanced events. If you have some great ideas, please send email to gradnight @ 


Student Schedule 2020-21


  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday all instructors are delivering real time instruction via Microsoft Teams to the whole class, smaller student groups, or individual students. This is the live instruction.
  • During the week’s asynchronous times, all students will be in their remote learning environment/time. Instructors will deliver remote learning lessons, projects, and expectations to students in advance.

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