Want to volunteer to help our Tesla STEM High School scholars, but you have limited time?  

Every spring, PTSA members elect new officers to serve on the Tesla STEM PTSA Board for the following school year 2021-22. This group is outside of the current board, and is convened for a short time for just this purpose, and is called The Nominating CommitteeIt helps fills the slate for the election by recruiting the most qualified people by interviewing the nominees. 

It is a very important task as you would be helping in electing the board members for next year, by putting forth the best candidates.  

We are looking for a few awesome volunteers to be part of our Nominating Committee. The commitment is very low, and can be done mostly via email/phone. It is also a good way to make real connections with fellow Tesla STEM parents. You must be a registered Tesla STEM PTSA member*. Help us find some great people that may be interested in volunteering and bring them on board! If you are interested in helping by being on the Nominating Committee, please email us! 

Email: volunteer@teslastemptsa.org to find out more or to volunteer. 

*  You can check if you are a Tesla STEM PTSA member already for 2020-21 year by logging in and viewing your orders under “my account”.