PTSA leadership positions allow you to take a more active part in advocating at the local level for the benefit of all Tesla STEM scholars and give you the very exciting opportunity to see firsthand how your association allocates your money and works to improve the school community.

Tesla STEM PTSA Nominating Committee 2021: Radhika Baskar, Elena Dumitrescu, Craig Barbaccia
If you are interested to be part of the board or would like to learn more or know of someone who might want to join us, please email us at We would love to hear from you and are happy to provide any information you would need. 

The Tesla PTSA Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the PTSA Board of Directors for the 2021-2022 school year for the following positions.

  • Co-Presidents - oversee all activities of PTSA, meet monthly with the Principal, preside at all Membership, Board, and Executive Committee meetings and plan the meeting agenda ahead of time with the PTSA secretary.
  • Co-Treasurers- are responsible for all funds of the PTSA. This involves reconciling monthly bank statements, making deposits, writing checks, preparing a monthly report of the financial positions at each meeting, preparing the annual budget and preparing the documents needed for the financial review.
  • Co-Vice Presidents of Programs  are responsible for coordinating the PTSA sponsored SAT/ACT practice exams and prep classes
  • Co-Secretaries – are responsible for organizing the Membership, Board, and Executive Committee meetings of the PTSA. The Secretary, together with the president plans meeting agendas, takes minutes and records all business transacted at each meeting.
  • Co-Vice Presidents of Community Building  are responsible for coordinating the PTSA sponsored family events and acts as liaison to the school. Major duties include coordinating the stations for the two-day school registration day, organizing snack donations and/or volunteers for school events as asked, and PTSA sponsored family events.