Help fund Senior Events - Senior events are funded by Senior parents buying a ticket for their student. The more the funds, the better the events we can fund.

Hello Senior Parents!  

We were so impressed that we got close to 90 kids to attend the Escape Room on Friday! We hope your senior had as much fun as ours. If your senior didn't attend, please encourage them to come to the next one, the kids really loved being able to see each other in a casual way.

The next event will be hosted by Jet City Improv on March 19th and will be a virtual interactive improv battle that will be decided by the kids and will pull volunteers to help them. It should be a really fun time!

Looking ahead to April, we are looking into a virtual murder mystery party that will cast the kids in roles and help solve the mystery! Maybe another Escape Room too!

We can pull off all of these fun activities but we need your help in paying for them. Thank you to all those who have contributed so far, that has helped us pay for the events we have had so far. If you haven't contributed, you can still help by going to Senior Events and contributing $125.

All seniors are encouraged to attend whether they have the ability to pay or not but the more funds we have, the more events we can have! Thank you!

As always, we love feed back and ideas for virtual and possibly outside distanced events if mandates allow, so please drop a line to with your comments.


Amy Rice and Lisa Stillwell