The Reflections program is the largest PTA Program and is focused on encouraging students to engage in creative activities and use their imaginations to make artwork in various categories for the purpose of expressing the theme with a new piece of work. The 2018-2019 Reflections theme is “Heroes Around Me“.

Here is How The Contest Works:

  • Each PTSA launches a contest at the local school level. All artwork is judged and a percentage of the entries will then advance to the District contest.
  • Due Date for all student entries at Tesla STEM are to be collected from the office on Wednesday, October 18th.
  • District entries are then judged in November and winners at the District level are then advanced to the State competition in January.
  • State winners are then submitted to the National competition.
  • Only original works of art are accepted.

Art Categories

  • Dance Choreography. Ballet, contemporary, ethnic and folk, hip hop, jazz and tap. Entrant must be the choreographer and may be the performer, or one of the performers, but does not have to be.
  • Film Production. Accepted forms include: Animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, or a media presentation (PowerPoint is prohibited). Entrant must be the director, screenwriter, and camera person including all story boarding and editing.
  • Literature. Accepted forms of fiction and nonfiction include: Prose, poetry, drama (screen play and play script), reflective essay, narrative, and short story.
  • Music Composition. All instruments, sounds, styles and combinations are accepted. Copyrighted material is prohibited. The composer may be the performer, or one of the performers, but does not have to be. Notation, score or tablature required for middle and high school division. **Music videos are not accepted**
  • Photography. Accepted forms of photography include: A single photo, panoramic, photomontage (one seamless print of multiple original photos), a multiple exposure, negative sandwich or photogram. Original black-and-white and color images are accepted. Entrant must be the one to take the photograph. NEW: Print image may not be smaller than 3″ x 5″ and no larger than 8″ x 10″. Print should be mounted on mat or poster board no larger than 11″ x 14″.
  • Visual Arts. Accepted forms include: Collages, photographic collages (multiple photos cut/pasted), computer-generated image, drawing, painting and printmaking. No wood, metal, plastic, glass or framed canvas. Entries should be mounted on foam core, sturdy cardboard, mat board or other rigid materials. NEW: Entry may not exceed 24″ x 30″ and 1/2″ thickness, including matting/mounting material.

Rules, Forms, Important Dates

Copies of Rules can be found in the Washington State PTA website.