Dear Tesla STEM families – an integral part of the Tesla STEM PTSA is to promote the well-being of kids in our community. To this end we turn to you and respectfully ask for your support in covering essential needs of families in our Tesla STEM High School community facing hardship over the winter break. We ask for your participation in the Holiday Gift Card Drive.
Here's how you can help:
Donate a Fred Meyer* or Target* card: Purchase card at the appropriate store and drop it off in the designated box at the Tesla STEM High School office by December 15th.
*We have selected Fred Meyer and Target as they carry food, clothing, and other essentials.
PTSA will collect the cards and hand them to the counselors before winter break. We sincerely appreciate your generosity. Thank you.
Note: This is NOT a PTSA sponsored event but we highly encourage everyone who can participate to help out the community.