We asked our Tesla STEM HS families the following: “Do you know an outstanding teacher or staff
member who goes beyond what's expected to make the Tesla STEM HS learning environment fun,
beneficial, and challenging? Someone who brings enthusiasm to the school? A leader who directly
influences the success of their scholars? Nominate them for the PTSA Outstanding Educator Award!”

And did we ever get some great responses! Clearly the whole team at our school are wonderful and
caring people and we could not be more fortunate! We are excited to announce that the 2020
recipient of the Tesla STEM PTSA Outstanding Educator Award is Mr. Peter Saxby! Based
on the comments from his scholars, he teaches Honors Physics and AP Physics with the imagination
of a storyteller, the wit of a comedian, and the heart of a trusted friend. Hearty congratulations to
Mr. Saxby! A contribution to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program will be made in his

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the nominations and to PTSA members Judith
Kramer, Anuradha Shenoy, Heidi Cooperrider, and Shalini Koduri for serving on the Awards