Please help us by taking a survey about ACT and SAT options offered by the Tesla STEM PTSA Programs Team. The PTSA supports our students who prepare to take the SAT and ACT test in the following ways:

  • We put together SAT and ACT Mock Practice Tests in September.
  • We also set up an 8 week long SAT Test Prep Course (Fall) and ACT Test Prep Course (Spring) held on Tuesdays after school. This includes four practice tests on weekends as part of the course.
  • The companies we hire to teach the prep courses are excellent. We make use of PTSA volunteer chaperones and school district facilities in order to keep costs down. Thanks to your volunteer efforts the prices for the prep courses Tesla Stem PTSA can offer range from $ 390-450 as compared to a price of about $1200 if you purchased that service directly from a similar company. 
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